Life so FAR.

SO, Life ain't that good, huh?

I heard it once 'Dream it and Live it, its your life, not others.'

Ya, I had it once or few times . You know what, they say this is not how you gonna live in your life.

They say they want us to have a happy life, they say they want us to have a better future.

What they really did is just giving our mind with a bad mindset.
They just trying to tell us to be materialistic, be realistic.

When I look in the news, I cried.
Sometime I even stopped for a few second. They succeed.
They dreamed and they succeed.

But why?

Why can't I do anything I really having full passion in?

Why can't I dream?

Choices, Dream, Life.

My friends told me, "Go Lucas, Go live for your life, Live your Dream".
Sorry my friends, sometime life is just too cruel for not giving us any choices.
Maybe there are, but it's just that I couldn't.

I just couldn't break their heart, I couldn't.

I know...

I know one day, I'll just look back in my life. And say: 'Lucas, your life not like what you wanted huh?' and I will start to cry.

I know.

Mom & dad,

I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing. But I just want you guys to feel happy, at least? At least something that you guys proud of me?

I'll try,
try all I can. I know this will look bad but at least I...




For the next coming days, I will post some picture of a MUST for this summer and also for those who having Chinese New Year soon!!! Keep yourself update!!!!


The Christmas & New Year looks by TOPMAN #2207

All these TOPMAN items should be in your Must-get-list in this year end shopping.

A dark blue color suit will never fade in fashion,
with a little touch of the animal print tie,
 that is how we roll.

Bow tie is back!!!
 Any color or design on the bow tie
will just make yourself pop out in the crowd.
You will be the lady killer.

Of course, for those guys out there who still
 can't step out from their comfort zone.
Well, This snowflake prints sweater will help you
go through a very safe and nice christmas and new year.



A wink huh? #2207

So, I had my final EXAM!!!!! Thanks good I'm still alive. And I also had a two days trip with ma buddies. Went to the beach and also the water theme park. Just chilling in the hot weather

Had ICE at the hot weather, totally a great chill pill
Like the country-side kinda town

A special feeling of the small stall with a lots of toys inside

MA friend posing with the great hat

And here are we at the beach

playing kite is kinda fun cause it is windy!

The sand from the beach. NATURAL
After the 'beach fun' , we back to the apartment and we went to dinner and had some seafood like we should since we near the sea.... after that we went to the night market to get more foods!

Puppy at the night market

Games with 'chao tau fu'

too sleepy...
Back to the big city
Here the breakies

Group shoot! Not complete thou....
The cow-girl

The mini zoo.
I'm showing my trick
Nothing to do while waiting others exploring the haunted house.

Snow man

The christmas spirit!
Fake christmas tree... Bad for kids!

Good for sore thoart

After the beach ...

 At the same night I back from the trip, My friends asked me out for supper and there I met with a friend who just back from Hong Kong. This is so cool that he even bring us souvenirs! Thanks! I hope I can go travel a lots more soon, like NOW!

A gift from Hang Kong, is what I need from the sunny weather.



I'm feeling not well now, various type of feeling taking over my sexy body.

I think I will take a nap like half hour later... until tomorrow morning.

I should enjoy my life instead of ruin it.


No, I can't put on a fake smile on this face. Is either fun or no. I don't do shit to entertain you or anyone. I'm just saying.
I just don't understand why people will trying to pretend that they don't care anymore while they fucking are!... Their life is too sad to live for.


So close

I'm so close to turn on the facebook again. I hate this, I'm kind addicted I think. Sigh... this is challenging! LOVE this . Good Morning.

No FACEBOOK days...

Due to my final is near. Im having an anti-Facebook period. So I wont be able on Facebook and you wont seeing me online there...
Anything just call me.. ;C


I feel...

And here I am feeling tired and a lil bit christmas....
I am tired of spending everyday fighting for something I don't like, live in somebody dream.
Do I have choices?
Is this my life?
I need a break from the school ,family and friends.
'A rubber band will eventually break if too much of force putting on it.'
See... I'm starting to talk like physic...



Adding this new symbol after all of my posts. EVERY POST. This might be a good change.
Follow me on Tumblr - Boythatpeopletalkabout or add me on Facebook - Lucas Levine . I'll be a good friend. #2207

Hi, again.

Ya, I'm back after a long time. Who cares, I'm just being chill around the world. My world. Peace. #2207


Crystal heart.

I stopped my job. I'm quit. That's simple. It's make me felt so lost. I want a job,But i don't want to lose my friends either. I'm shall have a better life. I shall use all my heart on what I like but not what others like. The awesomest I had before, losing. I can't stand for any obstacle i face for long.


Stop it!

I had worked for just a few days. It's like living in a fantasy. Everydays the customer comes and goes. I have to look on there face expression. Family, friends, money, and Me. Everythings change. When I stop to having changes on myself.I felt like no matter how hard I tried to change, the world is changing as well. When I stop my steps the world wont stop it for me.Sigh for the world. Today , I'm off duty. Had very long sleep. At the evening, I went out to joging. which I had planned to but at least it end up with cycling. to be continued...too tired and go to sleep


X Direction X

Shopping is getting bored. Working getting serious for me. Money gmakes me become a more realistic and materialistic men. However that the lifestyle of the society nowaday, it was too. My point is I bought two denim jeans with R100 and all of sudden I felt guilty. That the way of guiltiness mans dont like to feel. Man born to this world with no knowledge to earn money, but fullfil with the knowledge of using money. I should start to work now, I should earn money for myself. I shouldn't waste my parents money eventhough they still will pay me. Since I had choose my way to study oversea, I should planning for my future more wisely.                                                   START PLANNING!


Imma back.

Life travels like a speed of light. No wonder theer are getting more ages man in the world. Imma changing like i always did. Just the way i am when i'm facing troubles and problems. I'm a totally unemployed men now. Graduated from my high school. Looking for a better college. Looking for a new job which has high salary. That what i am now. In a whole new year with no friends yet and not in a relationship get me really dumb. With a bad skin on my face kept stressing my life for so many years. I'm totally enough with others opinion or maybe sometime still can't hold myself but in this 2011 year , EVERYTHING will turn back to be a plain paper and waiting for me to colour it.