Life so FAR.

SO, Life ain't that good, huh?

I heard it once 'Dream it and Live it, its your life, not others.'

Ya, I had it once or few times . You know what, they say this is not how you gonna live in your life.

They say they want us to have a happy life, they say they want us to have a better future.

What they really did is just giving our mind with a bad mindset.
They just trying to tell us to be materialistic, be realistic.

When I look in the news, I cried.
Sometime I even stopped for a few second. They succeed.
They dreamed and they succeed.

But why?

Why can't I do anything I really having full passion in?

Why can't I dream?

Choices, Dream, Life.

My friends told me, "Go Lucas, Go live for your life, Live your Dream".
Sorry my friends, sometime life is just too cruel for not giving us any choices.
Maybe there are, but it's just that I couldn't.

I just couldn't break their heart, I couldn't.

I know...

I know one day, I'll just look back in my life. And say: 'Lucas, your life not like what you wanted huh?' and I will start to cry.

I know.

Mom & dad,

I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing. But I just want you guys to feel happy, at least? At least something that you guys proud of me?

I'll try,
try all I can. I know this will look bad but at least I...




For the next coming days, I will post some picture of a MUST for this summer and also for those who having Chinese New Year soon!!! Keep yourself update!!!!